There is no denying, the rug was pulled from up under Trump supporters. They were warned.

⏪ America Survives 2018: The Good, The Bad and Donald Trump still Exists! Pt 1 ⏪

2018 Rewind:

Here we are at the end of 2018, another year with an illegitimate president and crooked administration. Another year of turmoil with crippled relationships with allies, terminating agreements beneficial to our nation and the future. Additionally, we are ending the year with a government shutdown due to a manufactured immigration crisis and federal employees are losing pay. Sidebar: Trump was right about running the government like his business-it’s failing, shutdown and his employees are not getting paid. 🙄🙄 Where is the lie? America survives another year of Trump and his crooked administration with alternative facts, however our Congress has gained a new and diverse House of Representatives which is necessary to undue and pass new legislation fit for a diverse America.

“Sidebar: Trump was right about running the government like his business-it’s failing, shutdown and his employees are not getting paid. 🙄🙄 Where is the lie?”

As we close out 2018, here is a rewind of what took place.

1. Huge Losses: 😥 😥
2018 lost great people who will have a lasting impact on our lives and our nation.
Sen. McCain
President Bush and his wife Barbara Bush
Zell Miller-Georgia’s former governor and creator of the Hope scholarship.
Stan Lee
Aretha Franklin
Mac Miller
Burt Reynolds
Penny Marshall

From politics to entertainment these great figures is what made America great and the work they leave us will continue to make it greater.

2. Government Shutdown:

A week before Christmas Donald Trump decides to shut down the government because in his mind we the people want $5 billion of our tax dollars paying for a wall no one wants which Mexico should be paying for. The result of this shut down will cost the nation billions of dollars, employees are not getting paid, but are continuing to work. Sidebar: the last shutdown cost America $242 billion-we do no have that kind of money. The issue of the manufactured immigration crisis by Trump is nothing more than a terrible political stunt tarnishing the nation reputation around the world. The death of 2 innocent kids in December will make it difficult for our nation to bounce back from Donald Trump damage to Americas reputation.

3. Midterms 2018:

Midterms 2018 had the highest turnout since the 1914 elections which is a great turnaround from the 2014 midterms which had the lowest turnout since 1942. Furthermore, millennials the generation surpassing Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers as voting bloc turnout was higher which helped usher in a Democratic Congress younger and more diverse. Millennials were a large part of why California was able to flip all of their districts blue. However, the bad side of midterms 2018 is the rigging of elections from the Grand Old Prick party (GOP).

Brian Kemp the illegitimate governor of Georgia rigged elections by using antiquated voting suppression tactics such as creating an “exact match” law which many voters ballots were tossed out because their signatures did not match. In Gwinnett County where I live, the elections board threw out a high number of absentee ballots citing this law and did so without telling the voters. Not only that, in the last days being tied with the legitimate Governor Stacey Abrams, Kemp made a claim Democrats were trying to hack into voter registration data with no evidence to support his claim sorta like Donald Trump. Due to this lie, Georgia has an illegitimate governor.

Due to this lie, Georgia has an illegitimate governor.

In North Carolina 9th congressional district the race is not certified, another election may take place due to the blatant voter fraud by GOP candidate Mark Harris. Voters in a heavily African-American district stated a campaign worker took absentee ballots and filled out the remaining portions of the applications. If you worked on a campaign in any capacity, you know that a campaign worker is not allowed to fill out any elections applications for voters-it’s illegal and normally results in a fine.

However, while North Carolina is deciding on the next steps, Wisconsin is another state where rigging elections took place. For decades Native Americans could vote using their P.O. box, however the GOP decides to change that to make it difficult. Due to this GOP rigging elections the democrat lost her seat. Next, in Dodge City, Kansas, the election supervisor with no real reason decides to move the polling place miles outside the district where it would take hours for voters to reach. Not only that, Dodge City Kansas is a heavily Hispanic, therefore moving the polling place miles away making it harder is nothing more than a voter suppression tactic by the board of elections officials who is facing legal action.

Overall, midterms 2018 was a decent success, however we can see with the changing demographics and the direction of our nation, the Grand Old Prick party is doing a lot to hold on to their power.

4. Immigration:

In July, Donald Trump and his crooked administration separated thousands of kids from their parents. As a result of this unwise decision, thousands of kids remain separated not being able to celebrate the holidays with their loved ones, many remain in detention centers where abuses are taken place, but we will not hear anything until a breaking news segment. Furthermore, many are being denied asylum and are sent back to their countries where some have died at the hands of gangs. Donald Trump has manufactured a crisis with no plan to reunite families and no legal basis on his reasons for separating families.

5. International:

America has been an influence in the international arena for decades with men and women diplomatic abilities assisting our nation to make the right decisions on our behalf. Unfortunately, with Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, our nation place in the international community has dwindled with the irresponsible decisions and overturning of policies beneficial to our nation. First, the Iran Nuclear Treaty-Iran complied with the Treaty created by President Obama, Donald Trump reverses the policy with no real reason re-imposing sanctions on Iran ruining our growing relationship with the nation.

Next, the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) went into effect December 30th, and this was one of the first policies reversed by Donald Trump. Pulling America out of the TPP has cost America from being part of the agreement with rising nations and rising markets. With climate change being a global issue and witnessing the changes in our environments, remaining in the Paris Accord along with the other agreements would have been a benefit to America, but Donald Trump pulls America out which angered many of our European allies who can no longer rely on America.

Sidebar: when Trump and Kim Jung-Un meet in Singapore this summer the purpose was for North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons-nothing accomplished.

One of the last international setbacks is North Korea. In recent news, North Korea states it will not give up its nuclear weapons. Sidebar: when Trump and Kim Jung-Un meet in Singapore this summer the purpose was for North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons-nothing accomplished.

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