There is no denying, the rug was pulled from up under Trump supporters. They were warned.

⏪ America Survives 2018: The Good, The Bad and Donald Trump still Exists! Pt 2⏪


June was a hard month for our nation do the SCOTUS rulings which is a blow to we the people. The rulings by our justice system has set our nation backward which means we the people will have to work harder and stay behind our allies who have surpassed America in some of these policy areas. First, the arbitration law ruling makes it harder for we the people to fight for our rights when employers ignore the law-which they do.

When employers cut our hours costing a shortage in our pay, we cannot sue them, employees cannot bring a class action lawsuit against employers. This means employees are screwed and will have to deal with the actions of employers, specifically lower wage employees who employers are notorious for wage theft. Second, allowing Ohio to purge voters is a blow to voting rights.

With the ongoing blatant attacks to prevent people of color of voting, allowing Ohio to continue purging voters’ signals to other states voting rights are nonexistent and will continue to make it hard to vote.

Immigration being one of the contentious issues in 2018 makes the ruling from the supreme court that immigrants have no rights held in detention centers is why 2 innocent kids died and many are being abused. Ruling that no human being has no right being held in the custody of America is dehumanizing and takes away their belief of being human and the promise of America of being a land of opportunity to make a better life.

7. Economy

Early in the spring Ford announces the company was closing plants, last month GM announced it was closing plants cost, 14,700 jobs between America and Canada. Furthermore, the tax cut bill from the GOP in 2017 will add $1.5 trillion to the deficit over decade, our nation went from having $779 billion added to the deficit only to increase by $895 billion. Also, now with Paul Ryan is leaving Congress, he leaves with debt handed off to the new divided Congress who will have to deal with running the nation and the Mueller investigation.

“like moms do with their toddlers who throw tantrums we must ignore them and continue to make our nation awesome again with policies reflective of the diverse nation.”

Adding to the economy-the trade war Donald Trump begins with China but ending with Brazil. Since the trade war has begun this summer, our nation has been on the losing end, specifically farmers. According to Reuters and other reputable news sources, the tariffs China has hit back on are states who voted for Trump which means these farmers will be in bad shape financially because the trade war is not winnable. Not only that, soybeans farmers are taking a huge hit with China who has now turned to Brazil to get their soybeans which means we have lost our largest trading partner in the agriculture sector costing farmers jobs and income.

So, after all this and some Donald Trump still exists, but with Mueller closing in, all the firings in his crooked administration and his tweeting America survives another year. As we grow closer to our next presidential election-we must stay focus on the goal of getting a nation back to the top with diplomatic leadership and relationships in the world. #happynewyears #2019


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