2014 year in politics was interesting with Supreme Court rulings, immigration, minimum wage strikes, and the mid-term elections, which I am still scratching my head about. Starting from December working my way to the beginning of the year, Eve’s Politics will review what the political events in 2014 and what to expect in 2015. In the final month of 2014, Congress passed a $1trillion budget that will keep the Government running until September of 2015; however, the not so bright side of the budget is the repealing of regulations for Wall Street Bankers that was implemented in the Dodd-Frank legislation passed during the financial crisis of 2008. What it means is that Wall Street can resume taken risks with main street money and be bailed out by your tax dollars if another financial crisis hits.

However, the unseen benefit for Democrats is with a GOP majority in the House, Senate, if another financial crisis should hit it will not be on their heads, and they could win the next midterm elections. In addition, Congress confirmed Vivek Murthy as the nation Surgeon General, now we just have to see if they will confirm Loretta Lynch as the next Attorney General.

This year midterm elections were the worst since 1942 with low voter turnout and the GOP winning both majority in the House and Senate that means an epic showdown in 2015.

A few weeks after the elections, President Obama issued an executive order on Immigration that shielded 5 million immigrants from deportation and focus is on criminals and new immigrants. Throughout the year, there have been mass protests from minimum wage workers wanting an increase from $7.25 to $15, which 15 states have passed and will take effect beginning in 2015. The minimum wage issue will not go away and with a GOP majority in both houses, it will be interesting to see what they will do about this issue. Moving on to the Supreme Court rulings beginning with the court limiting a ban on campaign finance, now allowing unlimited amounts of funds into campaigns. Not only was this a terrible ruling, the affect of allowing money polluting our political system was shown throughout this year midterm elections with GOP winning both houses and Eric Cantor losing his seat but getting a $3.5million job on Wall Street at a firm that funded his campaign $3million dollars.

To wrap up the political events of 2014, Eve’s Politics must address Ferguson, and the militarization of local police departments. Two years after Trayvon Martin, the U.S. had to deal with another race issue of a police killing an unarmed teenager Michael Brown and the police not being indicted. This issue has sparked protest around the world because of pictures and videos illustrating citizens’ rights being violated by police dressed in military gear preventing them from protesting and taken a stand on the death of Michael Brown. The injustice for the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner are a sign that the U.S. is a country that continues to deal with the harsh realities of racism, which is black people are continuously being mistreated as second class citizens no matter the socio-economic status. Jon Stewart from the Daily Show said it best:

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