gop-insanity-blog-7-16-12“If you have a better alternative to Obamacare, lets see it” this is a paraphrase of President Obama’s 2014 State of the Union address to the GOP, that has for the 56th, yes 56th time are repealing the Affordable Care Act. Yesterday, the House voted and passed the legislation, however it has to pass through the Senate, which is rumored that it will not becasue it does not have enough votes. “Let’s stop fighting past battles, and focus on moving forward”, another paraphrase from President Obama State of the Union given 2 weeks ago, and it is apparent that the GOP is stuck on fighting past battles. The GOP have know real argument for the continuing of repealing and replacing Obamacare, and they have no alternative that will insure the millions of people covered under the new healthcare law. Continuing to attack a law that is beneficial to the people, especially low income people, it is a disgrace and an illustration that their agenda from 2008 until the last years of Obama presidency is to remain obstructionist, which will result in nothing getting done, for the people. It is not the people that wants this failed attempt at replacing the healthcare law, it is the healthcare industry that is facing competition and cannot stand to lose. The U.S. is the only industralized country that opposes universal healthcare, and is the country with higher rates of obesity, heart disease, and many other diseases. So, it is maddening to witness the GOP continuing to attack and fight to take away this health law that is beneficial to the people and this country.

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