The recent events of gun violence have gotten a lot of people more motivated to tackle the gun epidemic that the U.S. have. This country has had more incidents in gun violence than any other country, to be exact, according to Al-Jazeera, the U.S. had 61 mass murders since 1961, also the country  has the highest gun ownership compared to other countries. With the Newtown shooting of innocence children now is the time to put an end to the gun epidemic or is it past time? Before the Newtown incident there was “talk” about how gun laws need to change to in order to protect the people, and how guns need to be kept out of the hands of the mentally ill and criminals. What is interesting, is that every time the “talk” about gun violence took place after a mass shooting NOTHING was done, and now the President has 23 executive actions to slow down the gun epidemic in the U.S. after the Newtown shooting.

First, $500 million dollars to slow down the gun epidemic is a lot of money that is being wasted. It should not cost nearly this much to slow down and put an end to such horrific  incidents that continuously takes place. Second, I agree on the issue of mental health and keeping weapons out of their hands, mental health is a problem that needs to be discussed like every other issue,  not only that taken steps on mental health issue such as opening more facilities to help people with such conditions will be a start at curbing the gun epidemic.

My issues with President Obama speech and the 23 executive actions are:
1) the people have been demanding the push for gun reform for many years and nothing was not done, it illustrates that the people were being ignored and now that something tragic has taken place the government decides to take some sort of action.
2) Calling on Congress to get legislation passed on gun issue is not likely to happen anytime soon; this issue does not set high as a priority for the 435 elected officials, with the “fiscal” problems that the U.S. is facing, I am certain that we will not hear anything from Congress on gun legislation.
3) Last year Chicago had the highest murder rate, also at least 10-15 school aged kids were killed, there was no CNN, FOX NEWS or MSNBC covering their stories or representatives pushing for gun legislation, which pisses many people off.


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