Trump is now President of the United States.


What a week for Donald Trump and his campaign. Just a few weeks ago the breaking news was his small advantage in the polls against Hillary Clinton and Mr. Trump lavished in the glory of a dismal lead over the former Secretary of State. This week the news is not as great. Mr. Trump whose notorious for “speaking his mind”, hit what some are calling the worst part of his campaign thus far. As expected, Mr. Trump is denying that his campaign is in panic mode and refusing to acknowledge he made a bad call. Many of the polls this week has pinged the Republican nominee as not being able to maintain a 40% favorability rating. The Wall Street Journal and NBC released a poll on Thursday citing Donald Trump as having an astonishing 61% unfavorable rating (1). Mr. Trump has definitely caused the Republican Party to move into crisis mode. The most dangerous characteristic of Donald Trump is his unpredictability. Some may argue being unpredictable is a good thing. And, many others people see his behavior as a danger not only to the Republican Party but also to the American people.

At this moment I honestly wonder if Mr. Trump is out to become the next President or simply pushing his own agenda or does he have an agenda?

Donald Trump message is to make America great again. You cannot make America great by failing to acknowledge you, like so many other Americans, will make mistakes in life. Donald Trump cannot make America great again because he is an egotistical maniac whose has no idea what it means to make a country great or how to govern a nation. Donald Trump will have to say sorry one day and be willing to work at being forgiven by others. His comments about the Khans is not what a real leader would ever do or say, especially a candidate running for President. It would have been best if the Donald had not replied to the Khans, (sidebar Donald Trump will have to learn when it is appropriate to reply and what to reply to, something his team should begin ASAP!) I would have suggested making a sincere apology to the family or a good gesture would have been to invite the family to lunch or dinner. At least he would have made an attempt to meet the grief-stricken family and allow the Khans to get to know the REAL him. As the potential next President, Donald Trump must understand people will say all kinds of things about him and it is such a waste of time, energy and not Presidential to entertain every comment in the media or on social media outlets. American politics should not be about ratings, sadly it is. Donald Trump frequently uses the amount of people showing up to his rallies as a measuring stick for how successful he will be in the general election. I am not trying to bash the Republican nominee, but in order to make America Great Again, I suggest working on making himself better first. Give us the PEOPLE the better version or 2.0 versions of Donald Trump. Failure to change now will result in Donald Trump costing Republican Party the White House and possibly Congress.

If there is ever a time to get Mr. Trump help, it’s now. Donald Trump is the epitome of a Narcissist. His actions, his tone, and his rhetoric have proven he’s a time bomb. The road to November is getting shorter. Will Donald Trump make it to the finish line? During the DNC Hillary (roll eyes) called Donald Trump weaknesses out. Hillary called him “A man you can bait with a tweet” (2). If you tweet about Donald Trump, he will defend himself. When I think about Donald Trump and his silly tweets, I hear the sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Donald Trump should learn to IGNORE people or respond with a sense of decorum. Republican Party you are the mad scientists who created Donald Frankenstein and cannot control him.



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