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Another bad decision-repealing DACA (Deferred Action Childhood Arrival program). Jeff Sessions, sidebar: not sure how he continues to hold the office of Attorney General, in a press conference repealed the DACA policy which puts 800,000 Dreamers at risk of losing their status and being deported. Repealing DACA, similar to all the other repeals by this illegitimate President and his administration has a negative economic impact costing our nation trillions of dollars in the long-run. Many young adults who are DACA recipients are contributors to our nation, paying more in taxes than Donald Trump. Repealing the DACA program will take away the livelihoods of DACA recipients, repealing this program is forcing DACA recipients to move to a country they never knew giving up a life they have worked hard for.

“sidebar: not sure how Jeff Sessions continues to hold the office of Attorney General.”

In the next 3 months March 2018, DACA recipients will be forced leave the life and only home they’ve known which is upsetting. The loss of 800,000 DACA recipients will economically hurt our nation and many families in the long run, and this bad policy decision demonstrates to the world our nation does not see the benefit of contributions from great people who continue to make our nation better.

6. Bans: Muslim and Transgendered

One of the first act as president Donald Trump instituted a Muslim ban, which the courts struck down and then instituted some parts of the Muslim ban early this fall. Sidebar: it would be awesome to have a ban against white domestic terrorists who shoot up churches, malls, movies, and schools. We know every time a shooting takes place the NRA (National Racists Association) is quick with their lame excuses and illogical mindset quickly shoots down any responsibility for any mass shootings. Additionally, there are more mass shootings in America by white domestic terrorists then any terrorists attack by Muslims which is a fact. Our Congress continues to quickly pass laws on Muslims and wants to begin a Muslim ban, but fail to do the same to white domestic terrorists. With the Muslim ban, our relationship with countries in the Middle East region will become more strained and as the world’s superpower this ban positions the U.S. with little influence when it comes to issues and diplomacy with the Middle East.

“Sidebar: it would be awesome to have a ban against white domestic terrorists who shoot up churches, malls, movies, and schools.”

In a tweet, Donald Trump stated: “our nation no longer needs transgendered people serving in our military” and instituted a transgendered ban. First, not only was the transgender ban a terrible policy, this puts our military at risk. Donald Trump is literally discriminating against a group of people who want to serve and have served in our military; sidebar: Donald Trump dodge the Vietnam war 3x illustrating how much of a coward he was to serve in our military. To discriminate against a group of people because of how they identify themselves is not a position of a leader, but we know Trump is no leader. As usual, without any fact about transgendered people being an issue in the military, this is what Donald Trump cited. Thankfully, in September General Mattis put a stop to the transgendered ban stating “there needs to be more research to see if transgender people are unfit and cause issues in the military.”

7: Militarization of the local law enforcement and Puerto Rico

We cannot forget another repeal of legitimate President Obama rules, specifically the militarization of local law enforcement. From 2013 our nation has dealt with the issues of local law enforcement becoming militarized with outdated military equipment. There is no logical explanation for local law enforcement, especially in small towns like Doraville, Ga who needs heavy military equipment for a small population. To repeal the Obama rule on ending the militarization of local law enforcement is not only bad, but it clearly illustrates the lack of understanding Donald Trump has with local communities and the issues our nation is facing. Recap: the ongoing issues with law enforcement and communities of color are at an all-time high and the divisiveness in our nation with issues of DACA, the economy, student loans, a livable wage, an all-out class warfare with protests, the repeal of President Obama law on militarizing local law enforcement is a terrible policy decision with consequences.

3 months after Hurricane Maria damaged Puerto Rico, illegitimate president Donald Trump has done nothing, the news does not mention Puerto Rico and people are still without power. “The figure released Friday by the island’s governor and power utility company indicates that more than 1.4 million people on the island are still in the dark. Experts say some parts of the island are not expected to get power back until next spring.” The failure of the Trump administration to have a hands-on approach to help American citizens is not surprising, however, it’s shocking that our government has done little to help our own citizens to recover after Hurricane Maria.

Overall, parts 1 and 2 discussed what I believe were the highlights of politics in 2017. From Doug Jones winning the Alabama Senate race to the Muslims and Transgendered bans, 2017 truly has been a WTF, but we the people and our nation survived the first year with the sexual predator in chief Donald Trump in office. 2017 is the year my generation-millennials witnessed first hand the racism with Charlottesville, the same events our ancestors went through. However, there is no doubt politics will be on the forefront for our nation, we have a lot to worry about and with the midterm elections, the focus is on electing candidates who understand the future.

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