The Russian Times is by far the best news source to read when discussing America. For today’s blog the title “America’s Going Dumb” is very true, this country have fallen behind every other industrial nation when it comes to education and health care. Why? For one, America did not keep with the rapid changes of the country after World War 2. Second, with the changes of each new generation and the rapid progress that the country made, the GOVERNMENT did not implement plans to keep America from falling behind, which was a grave mistake. America can no longer be considered a competitive nation with the lack of young adults not attending college, an education system that continues to use an outdated model. With the exception of seven states that have found solutions on making it better, and the other 43 states remain stagnant in a mismanagement education system on all levels.

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  • America can and will remain a competitive country because it is America. This is a pertinent issue that needs to be tackled at every level of government, local, state and federal, the problem is are the elected officials willing to work together and solve this problem. It is safe to say the answer is no because the elected officials on at any level of government refuse compromise on any issue, not only that the government knows that the education system is far behind any other nation and that it needs to be revamped. Until the elected officials can compromise and work on the pertinent issues together, the education system will continue suffer.

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