We often believe that evil characters such as Cruella De Vil does not exist in real life. Unfortunately, they do and the real life Cruella De Vil is Florida’s prosecutor Angela Corey. Sentencing young kids ages 12-13 years of age as adults and sending them to adult prisons is cruel and unusual punishment, which no young child deserves. What should be mentioned is Angela Corey is the prosecutor who failed to convict George Zimmermann, a man who committed a violent a crime and got away with it. Furthermore, Angela Corey attempted to send Marissa Alexander to jail for 20 years! for firing a warning shot at her abusive husband. Floridians should not re-elect Angela Corey to this position and she should be banned from ever practicing law for the cruel and unusual punishment towards the youth charging them as adults and taken their lives away from them when all they need is assistance.

“Sending 12-year-old Cristian to an adult prison certainly, numbers among Corey’s many troubling decisions”. To say such things as these kids are a danger and we have to keep society safe, yet Angela Corey aka Cruella De Vil harshly sentences these youth as adults and she is sending them into a dangerous environment, where anything can happen, rape or assault who is protecting them? It seems that we need to keep these troubled youths like Cristian safe from the Florida justice system and Angela Corey. “In 2010, Duval had the highest incarceration rate in Florida—significantly higher than every jurisdiction of comparable size or larger, even though crime everywhere in the state was at a historic low. Despite this fact, Corey has opposed efforts to change the sentencing structure for nonviolent offenses to alleviate overcrowding jails”.

With this in mind, I cannot help to wonder what deals did she make with private prisons and other bureaucrats too senseless and harshly charge youth as adults and take their lives away from them. Additionally, with low crime rates according to the article, what is the purpose of overcharging and sending these youths to prison, who already had a rough life. After reading a few articles and watching a few mini videos, it is apparent Angela Corey style is that of an antiquated mindset of sending young black and brown boys to jail for at an early age for long periods of time. It is the mindset that has plagued and continues to plague the justice system of minority males being a danger to society.

UPDATE: As of August 30th, 2016, Angela Corey lost her re-election bid as Florida’s prosecutor. A great day for the law and Florida’s Justice system, but a sad day for the many young lives she took away when they needed was a help. Additionally, after an EPIC FAIL to convict George Zimmermann a real criminal, Angela Corey should be barred from practicing law.





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