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Another Mass Shooting this time not in America, in New Zealand

South Carolina Mass Shooting:

In 2017 “a loner” entered an African-American church, opened fire and killed nine innocent people. One of the victims murdered was a former state Senator of South Carolina who was a frat brother to one of my classmates during my time in grad school. The South Carolina mass shooting during the summer of 2017 was a shock to our nation because no one would believe in 2017 a mass shooting would take place in a church, often mass shootings take place in schools, clubs, and concerts. However, when we hear a mass shooting has occurred, the world automatically assumes America, but this time it was not America who endured a mass shooting. One of the many nations we rarely hear in the news about violence or political turmoil in New Zealand; it ’s a shock to the world to listen to 51 Muslims killed in a mass shooting. Sidebar: according to news sources, New Zealand has not had a mass shooting since 1990, that’s 29 years!

“Sidebar: according to news sources, New Zealand has not had a mass shooting since 1990, that’s 29 years!”

Many of the mass shootings and the Coast Guard caught with tons of ammo a few weeks ago cited Donald Trump-the common reason for hate crimes taken place. Since Donald Trump came on the political scene, his words were all hate and targeting people of color causing an increase in hate crimes. 51 Muslims life cut short due to rhetoric by America’s president, once a public figure who the world looked up to.

:-/ So, Over Gun Violence:

Mass shootings in America is prevalent and an issue Congress has failed to prevent for 20 years. After the Columbine massacre, both state and federal government should have acted to avoid any more acts of gun violence. Unfortunately, here we are in 2019 and gun violence has become part of America’s identity killing thousands of people. Sidebar: the failure of the government not preventing gun violence illustrates Congress does not understand the future. Congress inability  not implementing common-sense policies to curb gun violence and to thwart the NRA propaganda represents why voting is necessary.

“Sidebar: the failure of the government to not prevent the gun violence issue illustrates Congress does not understand the future.”

Gun violence is rampant in America, and with the rhetoric of Donald Trump, has caused a creation of hate groups which has spread throughout the world. Trump supporters who believe the words he says, Steve Bannon who continue to promote the hate agenda and blogs who support false and highly inaccurate news help spread the disease of gun violence. Sidebar: it’s not surprising when mass shootings take place there is always silence from those who promote the hate. They are responsible for the lives lost and the turmoil taking place in the world. With Trump having a national and international stage, his rhetoric, views, spewing hate increases spreading the disease of gun violence.

“Sidebar: it’s not surprising when mass shootings take place there is always silence from those who promote the hate.”

The Netherlands, Another One:

After the mass shooting at Christ Church, another shooting took place in the Netherlands where at least three people were killed. Sidebar: the acts of domestic terrorism within a few days illustrates how prevalent the gun violence disease is spreading. Although there was little news about the shooting in the Netherlands, it’s agreeable both acts of violence is out of the norm for New Zealand and the Netherlands.

As the world continues to turn and with each new generation, America cannot afford any more problems. Sidebar: the issue of gun violence once again should have and could have been solved after Columbine. America’s failure and allowing the feckless NRA to in our political process of policy making for their interest has to end.




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