“Our motto is when the go low, we go high; this election is about who will shape our children in the next 4 to 8 years” Michelle Obama. “This campaign is not what the media discusses, it’s about the future of our children, the 40-year decline of the middle class; our opponent thinks climate change is a hoax no need to address it”. Bernie Sanders. “If you wanna fast go alone, if you wanna go far go together an African Proverb” Sen. Corey Booker. These are some of the points from the speeches of First Lady Michelle Obama, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Corey Booker, as you can see their speeches set the tone for the entire Democratic convention.

Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Corey Booker speeches were phenomenal, both speeches discussed looking towards the future. Being the rock star that he is, Sen. Bernie Sanders speech was based on his message he campaigned on throughout the entire election cycle. “This election is about building a movement and transforming this country”. The political revolution is the awakening we need as citizens to change our current state of politics which does nothing but divides the people and has polarized both parties.

Former President Bill Clinton, President Obama, Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine, and the Democratic nominee herself Hillary Clinton also delivered incredible speeches. “We don’t want a handout but a hand up” stated by former President Bill Clinton, echoes into the economic sentiment that many people are feeling. Additionally, the Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine stated: “If I am good at anything in Politics it is because I listened to the people”. From being mayor, Lt. governor, Governor and now Senator of Virginia, he makes a great point, something that Donald Trump and many other elected officials fail to do.

When it comes to making real changes that are necessary for our political system, such as criminal justice reform, President Obama said it best “don’t boo, go vote; if you want changes in the system vote for mayors, state legislators up and down the ballot”. What President Obama continues to state is people need to vote in all elections, not just the Presidential election, also in the midterm elections where state and local races are more pertinent and where the most changes will be felt. The speeches delivered depicts a vision of a better country where everyone is succeeding and giving an opportunity to do so.


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