In 2016 we have witnessed some high moments that have left us questioning what will happen next. From the unexpected death of Supreme Court Justice Anotin Scalia in February, the death of the Muhammad Ali in early June and now Britain voted to exit the EU, these events has me questioning what will happen next. In a quick synopsis, Britain is leaving the EU (European Union) an economic union, consisting of 27 member states, where countries such as Germany are part of the EU. Britain’s exit from the EU has yet to have an effect on the international global market and there has not been much discussion of how the BREXIT will affect any current trade deals between other countries.

The EU is the second largest currency in the global market next to the USD (U.S. Dollar), with Britain leaving the EU, and talks of other member states following this will weaken the EU. A weaken EU means that Europe can lose its status as a major power in the international community if this does take place, Europe will not have the influence it once has. What this all means is that another country can and will possibly become a major player in the international community. This country is Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not made a statement since the Brits voted to leave the EU on June 23rd. Although, some may say it means nothing, Putin has been longing to become a bigger player in the international community, especially in the global market. This is an opportunity for Russia to create trade deals with other countries, which will help put their currency the Ruble in the global market on a larger scale. Additionally, with Russia being the head of the BRICS, this will help him achieve his status with having the same level of influence, authority in the global market and possibly bringing the other countries that are part of BRICS fully into the global market. Of course, we do not know what will take place, but we do know is that Russia will soon become another major player in the global market.

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