According to Nightly Business Report CEO’s are optimistic about the economy; the economy has shown signs of improving, but from a business perspective is it really something to be optimistic about? What about the millions of people still without jobs and those working in low wage jobs? Surely, these group of people are not optimistic about the economy, if Congress would increase the minimum …wage, then it would help. The optimism that the CEO’s have about the economy will lead to these CEO’s getting million dollar pay raises, in 2009-2010 when the financial crisis was easing up and car companies were rebounding CEO’s got bonuses while everyone else continued to suffer, which will happen again. Georgia legislative session comes to an end on Friday, they manage to pass a budget and in that budget a “surprising” $17 million dollars allocated for a parking deck at the new stadium which is costing $40 million dollars. The $17 million dollars used for an unnecessary parking deck can be use for more meaningful things like improving the EDUCATION SYSTEM, the horrible MARTA RAIL SYSTEM, and INFRASTRUCTURE. In November voters have the opportunity to get rid of these detestable Representatives that would waste tax payers dollars.

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