Closing of 50 Chicago Schools

Chicago is closing 50 schools due to “budget issues”, many of these schools are in black and Hispanics neighborhoods. The school board unanimously voted to shut down 50 schools along with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who will likely face a tough reelection. With these many schools closing, the largest in any city one might ask or be thinking WHAT IS HAPPENING TO AMERICA’S EDUCATION SYSTEM?? The question is fully capitalize to stress the importance of this question because America’s Education has fallen dramatically behind all other countries, and yes money involved with local and state politics is the issue. America’s Education system have been worsening for a long time and now with Chicago doing a mass school closing it is imperative that all levels of politics began to realize that lobbyist (surely some corporations were behind the school closings) have gone too far in dealing with issues that affect the people. . The most damaging part of it is that, these school closings are in urban areas with Black and Hispanics families, which their communities are going to get worst with the lost of businesses, and the decreasing value of homes.  These mass school closings will not only hurt Chicago, it will also hurt this country because the city Chicago and Corporations are neglecting to realize that these children are the future of this country, and closing down an institution that is pertinent to the continued growth of this country is the worst thing that any Corporation can do.

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  • I could not agree more. It is disheartening to see that America’s education has dramatically fell behind countries who we once were head of. Shutting down 50 schools in one of the largest American cities will put America farther behind; it is bad enough that this country ranks low in Math, Science, and many other areas that shaped America to what it is today. These school closings should be a wake up for all levels of government, it should move them to prevent corporations from being involved in issues that affects the lives of people. As you can see, they are the ones that are taken way a valuable institution needed to continue to move America forward.

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