The rising cost of tuition makes it difficult for more and more young people to afford college. Attending college was the way that many families moved into the middle class, which continued for many generations. Unfortunately, it is sad to see that these rising cost of tuition will prevent some people from that upward mobility to the middle class, and having a higher level of education in these current times is essential. In the state of Ga the rising cost of tuition will increase by 2.5%, for Ga Tech, a research University will increase to 9% and UGA will increase to 7% next school term. The cost for these two institutions are already expensive, and to increase it by 9% and 7% is an illustration of why it’s becoming more difficult to attend college. In this mid-term election year, education on all levels should be an issue on every candidates platform, these rising costs are unacceptable. Because education is what keeps the U.S. innovated, and a driving force for the world, it should not become unaffordable to the young people who lead this country someday.

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