┬áCongress passed the $1 trillion Farm Bill with a 68-32 vote, and it is supposed to reduce spending by $23 billion over a decade. Just last week during the State of The Union, President said “Congress should restore the $1.6 million dollars they cut from Food Stamp which helps many families living below the poverty line”. Congress did the opposite, in the Farm Bill, Food Stamps are still getting cut, it is estimated that there will be a $90 reduction in benefits for nearly 850,000 families and it will decrease by $8 billion over a decade. The impact that this is going to have on families will be a devastating, it is already hard for families working a minimum wage job just to make ends meet, most times these families are working two minimum wage jobs. Moreover,the $90 being reduced is the $90 that helps these families; it is appalling that Congress would continue to take away the Food Stamp benefits that many families need. However, it is an election year for many candidates, and the passing of this bill will cripple them at the polls in November.

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