Congress Returns to Work-Politics In Georgia

On Monday, Congress returned to “work” from their first spring recession to get started on the issues that everyone has been discussing. First, why does Congress needs two spring recesses? It’s a question that taxpayers would like to know because we do employ them. However, I will focus on the serious issues; Congress returned to work on passing more sanctions down to Russia for their annexation of Crimea, and to pass an “aid bill” with “loan guarantees” totaling $1billion dollars of TAXPAYERS money to Ukraine. This information about $1billion dollars of loan guarantees was not mentioned in the U.S. media, which illustrates how little the citizens know what is taken place, but the problem is why does this Government continues to waste U.S. tax dollars in other countries? There is no benefit of giving Ukraine $1billion dollars, what that billion dollars could be used for is improving the EDUCATION system, improving the INFRASTRUCTURE, REDUCING THE DEFICIT, the same issues that Congress continues to fight about every year.

Moving into state politics, Georgia’s 40 legislative period ended last Thursday 3/20/2014 with the passing of legislation that does not solve the issues of Georgians and does not contribute to the growth of Georgia. HB 744, the budget bill passed, with a wasteful spending of $17 million dollars for a parking deck at the new stadium that costs taxpayers $40 million dollars. Next is the infamous Gun bill that will allow gun carriers to carry their guns in churches, bars and many other facilities. HB 875 and HB 60 passed, and as of yesterday, Nathan Deal signed it, not only does anyone and everyone get to carry their guns now, churches of the “opt in” option to decide if they would allow arms into a place of worship. Taken a page from Florida’s legislators, HB772 will require people receiving food stamps to be drug tested, I am guessing they do not realize that Florida gained little results by passing this legislation and cost more in tax dollars. However, it will be up to state and local agencies to decide if a recipient should be drug tested. Moving on to HB891 deals with voting and the bill will cut early voting from 3 weeks to 1 week, infringing on people’s right to vote. Thankful it did not pass, but HB310 did which moved state and local primaries from July to May 20, which only gives candidates little time to qualify for the races. This is just a snapshot of some of the legislation that made it through, almost made it through or did not make it through legislation. When citizens vote for elected officials, they are voting on the issues that they ran on to make Georgia a better place and to make the citizens happy. As you can see, on federal and state levels of government many of the bills that are written and make it through Congress are laws the neglect to provide the growth, wealth, better state and country to the citizens.

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