It was only 57 years ago the Civil Rights movement took place. John Lewis, MLK, Rosa Park and Medgar Evers are a few of the leaders who fought, marched and was brutally assaulted fighting against the dangerous ideology we are witnessing in 2017. This ideology is the cause of the turmoil we are witnessing in our country, it is the root cause of the racism of the past, the racism of today and this ideology is in the oval office.

Side bar: A group of people who land was not stolen from them, who were not stolen from their country to work under harsh conditions because they were too lazy to work, who were not in camps during WW 2 and was forced to build California and who literally gets a way with murder have no right to be angry or protest.

The events over this weekend in Charlottesville, VA were appalling, however what is more appalling is Pricktator in Chief Trump said nothing about the what took place nor did he condemn his supporters out by name. Additionally, the Racist In Chief Trump the chump stated there is blame on both sides, no it is only one side to blame which are the polo shirt wearing Neo-Nazis. Furthermore, Trump will never admit or accept the fact he caused this chaos in our nation, his rhetoric during the campaign is a factor for the turmoil and the people he chose in his cabinet demonstrate to our nation and the world who he is and what he stands for.

Recap: During the last debate between Trump and Hillary, Trump stated Hillary and legitimate President Obama should call ISIS what it is-radical Islamic terrorism. But, the Racist In Chief did not call his supporters what they are-Polo wearing Neo-Nazis white supremacists domestic terrorists.

This idiotic ideology that African-Americans, Hispanics and Native-Americans are inferior to Europeans because of skin color is dumb. Moreover, it is upsetting that this mindset continues to live in our society and in every aspect of our lives. When political pundits discuss being smarter voters and know who represents you, this is the mindset we do not want. This is the mindset we do not want creating and passing laws in our country. This is the mindset sending our nation backward. The saying if you do not know your history, you do not know where you are going, we know our history yet we are headed in the wrong direction.

“We cannot go backward nor will we allow these polo wearing Neo-Nazis white supremacist take our nation backward.”

We cannot go backward nor will we allow these polo wearing Neo-Nazis white supremacist domestic terrorist take our nation backward. As a millennial, it is disturbing that my generation is going through the same events MLK and John Lewis fought against. In 2017 it is unreal to believe that we are reliving a dark time in our nation’s history.





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