“This is a first step towards productive interactions with the world,” The Iran deal has been a hot topic since Friday, and as usual the GOP has an issue with it, we can assume is because we are not going to war?. Iran relations with the U.S. and the world have been isolated since 1979, the diplomacy approach used to frame this deal illustrates a step towards a future with less nuclear weapons being developed from Iran and hopefully any other countries. What the agreement entails is Iran will cut back on its’ stockpile of enriched Uranium, according to NPR Iran was producing Uranium at 20% and agreed to reduce the production to 3-5%. Also, Iran has agreed to reduce their centrifuges and their Fordow facility will stop enriching Uranium for at least 15 years. In foreign policy, deals are hard to craft and get accomplished, and this Iran deal seems to be a start in the right direction in crafting reasonable foreign policy deals, the sad part is the GOP opposing the deal calling for a better one, yet they have not proposed a better deal.

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