Does Sen. Sanders Endorsement Matter That Much

Amid his inability to pick up enough delegates to compete with Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton as the future President of the free world. Bernie Sanders was able to appeal to young voters and many minority voters; both areas in which his former opponent Hillary is struggling with. Can his endorsement bridge this gap? One Huffington Post poll showed Bernie Sanders with 65% approval rating amongst voters ages 18-24. Many overlook this population due to their dismal turnout rate for actual voting. That’s unfortunate because the 18-24-year-old population is our future. This is the same population that views Hillary as untrustworthy. Most recently, her actions pertaining to her handling of classified emails has contributed to more people losing trust in her and the system.

One Huffington Post poll showed Bernie Sanders with 65% approval rating amongst voters ages 18-24. Huffington Post

Although Hillary will likely clinch the Democratic nomination, she will still have to put in work to get voters to show up to the polls. Bernie Sanders has publicly endorsed Hillary but it seems he have put a gap between them. Let’s face it, the endorsement doesn’t mean agreement. His endorsement was not some elaborate soiree but merely an expected happening. The release of the recent FBI results on Hillary Clinton email scandal has not helped either.

We have entered an era where little white lies are no longer little. White privilege has become more pronounce. This, in particular, is where Hillary Clinton is going to run into the most conflict leading to the general election. I expect the Trump campaign to present to the public the Non-Disclosure Agreement that all personnel with a security clearance is required to sign. Although her actions were not criminal, evidence will show her clearance level should have been revoked and not reinstated. The men and women in the Armed forces are bound by the same type of agreement. Had this action occurred in the ranks, the service member would be removed from the job and facing punishment under the Uniformed Code of Military Justice. Hillary is more than qualified for the position she seeks, but is she qualified for the level of security required of the President? However, I commend Mr. Sanders for sticking it out with her until the investigation completed. This gave the Democratic Party a second option, however his followers are reluctant to come on board with supporting Hillary Clinton.

Bernie’s support, while admirable, is not enough to guarantee Hillary the oval office. The biggest advantage that Donald Trump has had over Hillary and won him the Republican nomination is calling Hillary out for who she is. Very little of what Mr. Trump has mentioned about Hillary is not true. Hillary’s professional resume is one that many in the public policy world dream of; however, her ethics has become her weakness. Even with someone as great as Sen. Bernie Sanders in her corner, Hillary is prepared to fight if she wishes to become the next President of these United States of America.


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