Donald Trump And The GOP

“Donald Trump is the most dangerous major Presidential candidate in recent history”. In a recent video by Ezra Klein of Vox media, he discusses how Donald Trump antics in this election cycle is not entertaining and that we all need to stop laughing. Throughout this campaign season, Donald Trump has been and is the most brash candidate that we have seen in our politics in a long-time. To speak ill of another ethnic group calling them rapists and drug dealers, stating that you are going to build walls to keep Muslims out of America is the most vile thing that anyone can say. When President Obama in his 2015 and 2016 State of the Union talked about bad politics that divides the people, Donald Trump is the example of bad politics that continues to polarize our political system.

“Donald Trump is the most dangerous major Presidential candidate in recent history”.

Throughout this election cycle, it is scary to see that Donald Trump is winning than the other candidates, and that he can potentially win the GOP nomination. This is not good for our political system and for the people because we need a President that can use diplomacy when working with other heads of states to negotiate on pertinent issues that affect our country and our daily lives. Donald Trump does not illustrate that he will be diplomatic, hence he is proven that during this entire election cycle, his brash antics will hurt us (even though he will never be president), and it has made America look foolish for entertaining Donald Trump as a candidate.



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