Donald Trump: Epic Fail on Immigration PT2: 30 Years In The Making

30 Years of Not Voting:

Current events the nation is witnessing on immigration is a result of not voting in the most important elections-the midterms. Throughout the past 3 decades, America had the same people in Congress who failed to solve the issues we are currently fighting. Many Representatives, both men and women are not seeking re-election were in Congress for 30 years, the key reason for this, is the people failing to vote in the most important elections-the midterms.

Issues: Immigration, economic, race are all the same old issues my generation-millennials and future generations are going to have to fix because of the failure of representatives being in Congress for 30 years. Side bar: the trend of voter participation was declining before my generation-millennials.

Not participating in elections allowed, Mitch McConnell, Orrin Hatch, Jeff Flake, Sen. Corker and many elected officials to stay in those positions. Unfortunately, the result is the turmoil our nation is going through and the future generations who will have to repair this mess.

History Repeating Itself:

Recap: during slavery, colonizers used the bible tactic when kidnapping African-Americans to rationalize slavery was a good thing. Jeff Sessions using the bible to rationalize the Trump administration actions separating families is history repeating itself. History tells us, during political upheavals, the ruling party used the bible to justify their terrible policies.

Using the bible to rationalize the Trump administration actions is history repeating itself. 

Side bar: a certain group of people who immigrated into many countries illegally stealing people, their land and natural resources.

Furthermore, our nation has not learned from World War 2 with Japanese Americans, the Trail of Tears and Slavery being examples in history to prevent these same issues from taking place again.

Jeff Sessions statement, “if you don’t want your kids taken from you do not come to America illegally.

First, Jeff Sessions comments are despicable, the government has no right to separate children from parents who are risking their lives for a better future for their family. Side bar: African-Americans, Native Americans and Japanese Americans families were forced to separate, and it was difficult for families to reunite. Many families did not reunite because of the government callous attitude to assisting families to find relatives.

What’s Happening?

The “Zero Tolerance” policy Donald Trump is, separating families is wasting tax dollars on detention centers where young kids are being held. More importantly, it’s part of his agenda for “stronger border security” which our nation does not need. Side bar: if the Native Americans had border security, America would not have this issue.

What we are witnessing about this terrible policy is the ineffectiveness of Congress. Side bar: this is why we must stay diligent and vote. For 30 years, there were many opportunities for Congress to fix the nation’s immigration policy.

Recap: America’s 2014 midterms had the lowest turnout in history since 1942. Low voter turnout resulted in an ineffective Congress who is supporting the terrible decisions of Donald Trump.

 This immigration issue is a clear example of why being active in politics is essential for our democracy and nation.

Immigration among many issues our nation is fixing could have fixed years ago with the right Congress. Failing to engage in politics i.e. voting for 30 years allowed America to become in disarray. Mitch McConnell among countless elected officials who have spent 30 years in Congress has given us the current events we say today.

America’s current immigration issue is a clear example of why being active in politics is essential for our democracy and nation.

Update: The Supreme Court has ruled the Trump administration must reunite families by July 10th. Due to the atrocious handling of this issue, it will be difficult for families to be reunited. 


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