So, all week there has been this big deal about the U.S. spying,  going into Google and Yahoo databases, and even spying on our frenemies abroad. Americans have known for a long time that this Government have been unlawfully spying on citizens, tapping into there phones, monitoring the websites they search, in short INVADING OUR PRIVACY. This so called shocker of the government spying is not as big as the MEDIA is playing it out to be, of course it is the MEDIA and as usual they over exaggerate and sensationalize “stories” that are unnecessary. It is frustrating to have a government and the media playing these frivolous stories about how they are spying. What is more annoying is that they are having hearings and “testimony” on how long they have been spying, why they are spying and what ever non-sense they believe is necessary to have these hearings. In short, DUH we know you are spying, we know you have been for a long time, making it into a big deal is not necessary.

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