Economic Growth Continues and GOP Implements Their Agenda

To start the New Year off right, the jobs report came out today and things are looking up economically. There is job growth and the unemployment rate is down, which the GOP will ignore and continue to be obstructionist to President Obama agenda. The report is good news for the President because he is the lone wolf that will have to fight against the GOP a party that has been hell-bent on ruining his presidency from the beginning. Moreover, for the past 6 months the jobs report have been consistent illustrating job growth and a fallen unemployment rate, which should have been a strategy to use during the midterms elections where the Dem’s could have been successful. Nevertheless, the GOP has waste no time in implementing their obstructionist agenda, which begin in December by passing a $1.1 trillion dollar budget to keep the Government opened until September of 2015, but the repealed the Dodd-Frank legislation that was put in place to regulate the banks in order for them to not engage in risky investments that caused the financial crisis and use our tax dollars to bail them out. Moreover, on Thursday the House passed legislation on Obama care making a full-time work week 40 hours instead of 30 hours, meaning that fewer workers would be offer health insurance by their employers, which is another method of dismantling the healthcare law.

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