Last week in India, two teenage girls ages 14 and 16 were ganged raped and hung from a mango tree, so far 5 people have been arrested, two of which are police officers. It’s difficult to fathom why these young girls were attacked and brutally murdered, it’s even harder to understand why 2 police officers failed to do anything when they are supposed to protect. This violence against young girls and women needs to end once and for all, these two young girls and countless others are viciously attacked and sometimes murdered for no reason. The judicial system in India needs to take the crimes against young girls and women serious, all to often they neglect to assist the women and young girls of violent to bring the culprits to justice, all to often the police officers are part of the crimes against young girls and women.

In order to stop the continuing violence against women and young girls, every women needs to come together and push back against countries and governments that does nothing to protect us, we need to have our faces seen and voices heard to get our message across.

In these modern times such violence acts against women should not exist and governments not do anything about it, if governments will not protect us then we as women must do so ourselves, and to begin protecting ourselves we must fight against this system that ignores our voices. #VIOLENCEAGAINSTWOMENENDSNOW

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