Eric Cantor the number 2 guy in the GOP leadership lost his primary to an economics professor by the name of David Brat. Cantor was looked at succeeding John Boehner for the Speakership, but that will not happen and Cantor is stepping down from is position in July. The total amount that Eric Cantor spent on his election was $5 million dollars compared to David Brats $100,000 dollars; in April of this year, the Supreme court ruled that it is unconstitutional to put caps on campaign contributions in elections, and in 2010 the infamous Citizens United law, corporations and unions are allowed to spend large sums of money in elections attacking their opponent.

If someone as powerful as Eric Cantor loses his position to an opponent that raises less money, my question is does money in politics matter?  Yes, if more citizens become involved in their state and local politics, then everyone in Eric Cantor position can be voted out of office. Moreover, this illustrates that it can be done, money is plaguing our election process, but as we need to start focusing on how to get rid of all the Eric Cantor’s in Washington. This election season is going to be interesting to watch,  this primary has baffled both parties with Eric Cantor losing, myself and many other political analysts and junkies will see how these elections are going to turn out, right now both parties are fighting an uphill battle.



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