Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Tim Pawlenty former Presidential candidates and members of the GOP agreed that the minimum wage should be raised. Due to the polarization of both parties, it is good to see that 3 well established GOP members agreeing on an issue that is very pertinent. However, they did not mention how much the minimum wage should be raised too, we know that the Democrats are pushing to have it raised $10.10 an hour and 6 states have raised the minimum wage which will take effect in 4 phases from states. Although, they haven’t mentioned how much, I believe that it would not be to far from what the Democrats are pushing, but not less then what citizens can live off of. What the GOP party should do is follow Romen, Pawlenty and Santorum in agreeing to raise the minimum wage, in this mid-term elections and candidates needing something to run on it will be a good strategy for the GOP to find a way to negotiate on raising the minimum wage.

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