It is a disgrace that Gov. Nathan Deal of Ga signed HB  (House Bill) 60 into law, allowing guns in public places such as government buildings in churches. What this illustrates is how up side down the political system is in Georgia and how he is moving Georgia backwards. What is the purpose of this law? Who is being protected? For the first question, there is no PURPOSE to this law, it’s just another piece of legislation written up by lunatics that have not a clue what it means to work for the people. And, no one is being protected, there are other ways that citizens can protect themselves without having a gun. “THIS YEAR GEORGIA LEGISLATORS DID NOT PASS LAWS THAT MATTER TO THE PEOPLE, BUT WE ARE NUMBER 1 IN GUNS”. WHEN NOVEMBER COMES LETS VOTE NATHAN DEAL OUT OF OFFICE, GEORGIA WANTS TO MOVE FORWARDS NOT BACKWARDS; SIGNING A SENSELESS LAW WILL NOT GET US THERE.


    1. I understand why he signed this senseless law, and it illustrates how he is incapable of doing what is right for the state of Georgia and should lose this election.

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