Georgia Gov. Deal Vetoes “Religious Liberty” Bill

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal vetoed HB 757 or the “religious freedom” bill, this “religious freedom” bill was authored by right-wing Representatives and Senators in the Georgia state assembly. Reading this “Religious Freedom” bill, this would have allowed “religious organizations” the right to discriminate against people of the LGBT community, to refrain from hiring people and be allowed to fire people if they are not of the same faith as the organization. Also, the people who are being discriminated against cannot file a lawsuit against these “religious people and organizations”.

This horrific bill should have never been written or passed in both Houses; to write such a bill to discriminate against a group of people illustrates the authors of this “religious freedom” bill do not know the meaning of religion or what it represents. It is sad that we are still dealing with people who believe discriminating against other people is okay and to do so in the name of religion. Religion is about compassion and caring for each other even if we are different, something these Representatives and Senators fail to realize. If Gov. Deal would have signed this bill, our economy would have collapsed, we would lose thousands of jobs and Georgia would be a state where know industry would come and bring their jobs.



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