Tomorrow is voting day for my state of Georgia in U.S. Senate elections between GOP candidates David Perdue and Jack Kingston. Thus far, Jack Kingston has been putting up a good fight with his campaign ads, and his travels across Atlanta to get his message out. David Perdue on the other hand has not been putting up a strong fight against Kingston attack ads, and he has not traveled across Atlanta to get his message out and to win voters. Kingston has a good chance of winning this run-off election, which will put him up against Michelle Nunn-Democratic choice, and polls suggest that she does have a chance at winning either against Kingston or Perdue in the U.S. Senate elections. Also, Georgia passed a law to “cherry pick” people for drug testing when signing up for assistance such as food stamps and TANF, however the state announced that it will postpone the drug testing to see how it turns out in Florida. Florida passed a similar law a few years ago and it has not been successful. So, it looks like this drug testing for benefits law will fail.

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