GOP BUDGET: Cut programs for the poor-major cuts in Medicaid, food stamps, and Pell Grant for college students from poor families; Cuts federal aid to education, we are already have fragmented education system that is getting worse. Making Medicare into a voucher system. Attempting to repeals Obamacare for the 57th time, which providing health insurance to 16.4 million people who otherwise wouldn’t have it. As usually, boosting military spending by nearly $40 billion next year. Increasing military spending in subsequent years while further cutting domestic discretionary spending, and does not raise a dime of taxes on the wealthy and does not close any tax loopholes used by the rich. What can be gathered from the GOP budget is THERE IS NOTHING IN IT THAT HELPS THE PEOPLE; it is not surprising that a GOP budget would reflect anything that can benefit the country and it’s citizens, it’s maddening that people elected a party of imbeciles that are domestically and internationally ruining this country with their stupidity.

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