politics-concept-On Friday, January 30th the controlled GOP house voted 62-36 to pass the KeyStone XL pipeline, which will allow Canada to transport their oil from the U.S. Gulf Shores and sell to Canada, and President Obama may veto this bill. This project will create 35-50 jobs, and their will be no economic benefit for the U.S. One would question what is in it for the GOP party to want pass a bill that has no benefit to the U.S., and it is evident that it is a personal interest to them and while they are in control it is their interests that are a priority. Furthermore, a week ago Speaker Boehner held a press conference announcing that he will sue President Obama for his executive action on immigration that will protect 5 million people, which is a bad political move for the GOP and this illustrates that the GOP agenda and is to make it difficult for President Obama.


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