Sadly, the controlled House by the GOP passed legislation for the KeyStone XL Pipeline, which is a project that Canada wants to transport oil through the U.S. down to the Gulf of Mexico, which will not as:

Rachel Maddow simply put it, “they’ve said the project would have no real impact on already low gas prices, which is also true. And they’ve said Keystone would be largely meaningless to the U.S. unemployment rate, which, once again, is completely true.

The only reasoning for the GOP for wanting to pass a bill is a personal/monetary gain and to once again work for Corporations that pollutes the political system buying elections. Another factor to view, is  instead of a jobs bills, raising the minimum wage, or having an agenda that will benefit the people, once again the GOP the party that won the midterms elections chooses to pass a bill for their interest, not that of the people.


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