More good news on the minimum wage increase, Hawaii passed to increase the minimum wage to $10.10, the Governor is set to sign the bill today, and the increase will take effect in a 4 year phase, similar to what Connecticut is doing. Also, citizens who are working on tips such as waitresses and taxi drivers will also get a wage increase to $6.38, the federal level wages for these workers is $2.13. Paraphrasing from Think Progress, had the minimum wage increased with workers productivity, many families would not be living in poverty or below the poverty line. It’s awful that families who work full time jobs live below or right at the poverty line, no family deserves that. These citizens are the backbone of our economy, their dedication to ensure that their employers company is running efficiently and customers are satisfied is all because of the low-wage workers. I agree with Think Progress, if the minimum wage increased kept pace with workers productivity then many families would not be living in poverty, many families would not be struggling to save, and evidence also illustrates that States with higher minimum wage have lower turn over rate from jobs and increase in earnings for both large and small businesses. With this good news comes bad news, and that is the GOP controlled Senate just opposed debating the minimum wage, and if the Democrats spin this the right way, they can implement the minimum wage without support from the GOP.

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