Hillary Clinton announces her Presidential bid for the 2016 elections, and has setup a campaign headquarters in Brooklyn New York.

What makes the 2016 Presidential election interesting is this being Hillary 2nd time running, she has a clear advantage over all of the GOP candidates.

And she is the front-runner for the Democratic party, who should rally behind her. Although, there is speculation that Martin O’Malley is going to run, it is best that he does not, the Democrats are in a unique position where they have a candidate that is more than qualified to run and be President, with decades of experience and can ride the success of President Obama, even though she will make her own successes. Now to add to the list of GOP candidates, Senator Marco Rubio has announced his candidacy, what the recent meeting of President Obama and President Raul Castro of Cuba, where Rubio is from, will his views change on the relationship between the U.S. and Cuba?? ‪#‎ELECTIONS2016‬


  • Hello, Hillary Clinton.
    I think the best respond for Trump is silence. Let the dogs bite themselves. people keep going.
    One day, everyone will know how smart he is compare with you.
    thank you to read this

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