Hillary Clinton-“But First We Must Bring Them Into Heel”

Historically and Politically speaking this speech is coded talking about black people, especially black men. Being called super predators with no conscious and having no empathy has always been away to dehumanize black people for 200 plus years, and politically it is a way for them to subjugate black people by making them feel they are not human.

“They are often the kinds of kids called super predators, no conscious, no empathy, but first we have to bring them into heel”.

To say that, “we must first bring them into heel” is clearly calling black people animals, and for black people that are cognizant they know Hillary is calling black people animals. This was not at all taking out of context. Hillary called black people super predators and animals in this speech, however with black people more educated and in-tune in politics she is desperately pandering hard for the black vote in this election and desperately trying to put this behind her.

Sources: http://www.c-span.org/video/?c4582473/hillary-clinton-superpredators-1996



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