Hillary Clinton Discusses Ending Mass Incarceration

Today at Columbia University, democratic candidate Hillary Clinton gave a speech on mass incarceration, which is one of her first policy speeches since the beginning of her campaign. The statement that stood out to me was “First, we need smart strategies to fight crime that help restore trust between law enforcement and our communities, especially communities of color.

We can start by making sure that federal funds for state and local law enforcement are used to bolster best practices, rather than to buy weapons of war that have no place on our streets”. Since the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson last summer, we have witnessed how the police are equipped with militarized weapons, which should not be on our streets.

In my state of Georgia, there in a city named Doraville with a population of 8,000, there local police station has a military tank, which is un-necessary in a small town like this. Another statement that stood out in the speech is “we have to come to terms about the hard truths about race and justice in America”. In 2015 why are we still discussing the hard truths about race and justice?? It is my belief that the institutional racism designed in this country is the reason why we are continuing to witness and discuss injustice, inequality and the hard truths about race in America. The hard truth about race in America is that it is system that is consistently perpetuating racism which is why America is continuing to have this issue. Moreover, the hard truth about race in America, is that we know it was designed to keep black people marginalized in society, however at some point the system needs to be broken down and should have been broken down a long time ago.

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