The House passed a $1 trillion -dollar budget yesterday to keep the government functioning until September. A few items in the budget are a 1% increase in FEDERAL workers pay, and protects military families from pension cuts that takes effect in 2015. A 1% increase in FEDERAL workers is a slap in the face to the middle class workers and low-wage workers who could use the pay increase. Next, Amazon workers will be voting to unionize, which is good because workers need to be protected. However, if Amazon is going to form a union, theirĀ  system of doing things needs to be different from other unions. These days unions are getting a negative outlook because people feel as though money is paid to an organization that is supposed to protect workers from employers that tend to treat them unfairly when it comes to fair wages. Many other employers will be looking at Amazon to see how having a union will affect their business.

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