China is a country that opposes any form of liberties for the their citizens, which is a reason why the country human rights problem is constant. China has arrested approximately 150 human rights lawyers, the reason is that there are high profile cases which these lawyers are attracting attention to because China “judicial process” is not in the favor of the citizens. NPR and Time also mentioned that some human rights lawyers have disappeared, meaning that they will not be found for a long time, such human rights violations should be condemned by the international community-the “World Powers”, who just signed a treaty on not allowing Iran to produce nuclear weapons, and each of the world powers have nuclear weapons. If the world powers of the international community will not do anything to prohibit China and their human rights violations, what do the people of China have to believe in? And, China’s President Xi Jinping will be visiting the White House for a state visit in September, should the President Obama cancel this visit? What will be the political consequences if he does or does not?


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