Within the last 2 months, turmoil has plagued Venezuela. The reason for the uprisings are resolutions stripping the National Assembly of their powers. Additionally, with upcoming elections President Maduro wants to change the constitution in order to stay in power. Late President Hugo Chavez handpicked Maduro to lead the country before this death. Thus far, Mr. Maduro has not been successful,  the poor are struggling to survive because lack of jobs and low wages. There are long lines to wait for food due to food shortage and in some cases many people are unable to get rice or bread.

According to the New York Times “resolutions 154 and 155, issued by the Supreme Court’s constitutional division that in effect voided the National Assembly. It was a female judge who denounced the ruling as breaking the thread of constitutional continuity, words that were translated into a rallying cry for the protesters: Maduro, coup-monger! We didn’t say so — the attorney general said so!” Within the month since the uprisings, President Maduro has given more power to the military which has resulted in more anger and protests. Furthermore, with the military having more power they are cracking down by any means necessary to end the riots. Rioters have been looting, clashing with the National Guardsmen, people have died and it seems the problem is not going away.

Currently, Venezuela has the highest inflation of any nation, according to the Guardian, “everyday life is a struggle with food shortages, no jobs, no income, and the constant violence taken place.” Poor citizens in Venezuela have been suffering under Maduro, with no jobs, many of the citizens have to turn to odd jobs such as selling food and other goods which they make little to nothing. Since eruption of the turmoil, Maduro has failed to address the issue to the people and has not given a solution to end the problems.

Venezuela has gone through many uprisings, however the current problem is the poor leadership of President Maduro. Since taken office, President Maduro has failed to live up to Hugo Chavez, he has failed to define himself as leader and know how to govern a country. Anytime there is an outbreak of violence in a country it is the poor who suffer and die more. With the frustration of Venezuelans, it seems the chaos will not end any time soon.



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