gaymarriageOn Monday, an Oregon Judge ruled the ban on same-sex marriage as UNCONSTITUTIONAL, last Tuesday an Idaho judge also ruled the ban on same-sex marriage as UNCONSTITUTIONAL. As I always say,

NO GOVERNMENT OR PERSON(S) have a right to not let same-sex couples marry the person they love, these rulings indicate that the fight for marriage equality is turning around. Moreover, this move indicates that even conservative judges that ruled a ban on same-sex marriage as UNCONSTITUTIONAL in Oregon, understands that banning marriage because of someone sexual orientation is unconstitutional.

These rulings illustrate that the support for marriage of same-sex couples is turning around on the local and state level of government which is great. Governments at this level are the ones that vehemently opposed the marriage of same-sex couples and passed the laws banning them, now they are being overturned. Besides it being an election year, I believe that overturning the ban of same-sex marriage is the realization that same-sex couples are entitled to marry their partners and that they have the same rights as heterosexual couples.

Additionally, citizens are okay with same-sex couples being married, from the young adult to the middle aged group, they believe that same-sex couples have the right to marry and have the same rights as heterosexual couples. Congrats to both of these states for turning over these laws, congrats to the same-sex couples who will be getting married in these states. EQUALITY is due to everyone regardless of sexual orientation, ethnic background, etc and in these modern times it’s unfortunate to have to fight for EQUALITY which is entitled to EVERYONE.


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