Moments ago, President Obama gave a press conference on the turmoil taken place in Iraq with ISIS and the turmoil that is taken place in Ferguson, St. Louis. What President Obama stated near the end was this “Police should not use excessive force on protesters that are exercising their BASIC FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT”. People are angry about another death of an UNARMED BLACK TEENAGER IN A “DEMOCRATIC-FREE COUNTRY” BY A WHITE POLICE OFFICER. Although he mentioned about having a transparent investigation by having the U.S. dept of justice and outside FBI work on the case to get justice, it is hard to believe that any justice will come to the Brown family. It is my feeling that EVERY BLACK PERSON IN THIS COUNTRY needs to truly come together, as we once did with great leaders such as Malcolm X, MLK, etc. It’s apparent that this disgusting cycle of gunning INNOCENT UNARMED BLACK TEENAGERS isn’t going to stop, so we have to work together, learn the law and fight back against a system that is rigged against us.

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