During the Civil Rights movement, it was necessary that citizens MARCH for equality because they were deprived of equal treatment. It was necessary for MLK, John Lewis, Malcom X and Marcus Garvey demonstrate to the world how this country treats a group of people in a harsh manner because of the color of their skin. Marching during that time was an essential method used to FIGHT for MORAL and human rights of all, 50 years after the movements people are still marching but in the wrong way.

The millions of people marching and protesting for change to a system that discriminates against minorities should have and need to march to the polls and VOTE against this system.

This year midterms elections was the LOWEST since 1942 and it is a disgrace that when midterm elections take place, people, specifically the young adult and minorities are the one’s staying home not understanding that who is elected to office at the STATE and LOCAL level affects their lives because it affects the county, district, etc in which they live. To use MARCHING as tool opposing a system not designed to help minorities will not work in this generation, what will work is using the RIGHT TO VOTE that past leaders have fought for, this TOOL is the only way to get the changes that was and continues to be fought for presently. I assure you that the millions of people participating in the MARCHES for the injustice against Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner, did not march to the polls to elect the person(s) that can make the change to this oppressing system against minorities. ‪#‎MARCHTOTHEPOLLS‬

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