Yesterday evening there was a segment on GPB-PBS news hour on marriage equality between same sex couples, which I believe they have every right to get married. What struck out about the segment was Greg Lewis a professor at Georgia State University when he said “people with college degrees support marriage equality versus people who do not have college degrees and did not finish high school”. First, having a degree does not mean anything these days, because someone has a degree it doesn’t illustrate that they are for or against a social issue. Second, there are many people without degrees that support marriage equality based on personal reasons and/or the belief that anyone has the right to marry who they love.

It is none of the governments business to decide who can and cannot get married, what the government needs to focus on is the economy, jobs, education, and not the private lives of their citizens.

Additionally, people are quickly moving on this issue then the politicians because they understand what it means when two people want to be together. What the government is doing is depriving same sex couples the three fundamental principles of the constitution, LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Same sex couples have every right to marry, no government, laws or group of people who believe in outdated, antiquated ways of living have the right to decide on the lives of these couples.

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