Martin O’Malley For President

Over the weekend Martin O’Malley announced his presidential bid for 2016. Reviewing his record and listening to his speech, he is an electable candidate and more believable than Hillary Clinton. Although, Hillary Clinton has been in politics for 30 to 40 years with decades of experience, O’Malley is a breath of fresh air that we need, along with Bernie Sanders.

“The state recovered 100 percent of the jobs lost during the national recession, and was one of only seven states to maintain a AAA bond rating. The Washington Post named Maryland as one of the top states for holding down the cost of college tuition, and Maryland was also recognized as having the best public schools in America for an unprecedented five years in a row.”

O’Malley record for Maryland illustrates that he is capable of being President and can make a difference for our country, and again he is more believable than Hillary Clinton. As a politico, I am looking forward to this campaign season, even with 3 people running on the Democratic ticket, it will be interesting to watch how Hillary Clinton the front runner for the Democrats far against Martin O’Malley & Bernie Sanders,two candidates that are highly electable.


  • I’m a senior and my questions to you are;
    why give congress an increase in salary and s/s recipients none; how much money would our government save if we gave seniors that increase instead of congress; or would it cost us (the govt) more ? I really would appreciate your response whatever it may be.. I was very impressed with u at the last debate. I hope to hear from u soon.

    • I do not believe in giving Congress an increase in salary because they do not perform their duties as representatives to us the people. The increase should go to social security recipients because they are the ones that need it the most, and it is pertinent that seniors are able to sustain a living without having to go back to work. Also, an increase in social security benefits for seniors is necessary for them to be able to take care of their basic needs and not have to depend on their adult children, which many have to do.

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  • Martin O’Malley is quite intelligent and clear when he makes the points of being a good leader. I’m so glad he stayed in there and didn’t run away! We need someone like him to balance budgets and keep our schools running smoothly. I am a retired teacher and now I substitute in two different districts. I still enjoy working with students in the primary grades.

    • Hi Barbara,

      Martin O’Malley is an intelligent man, and could make a great President, however not everyone knows about his record as Mayor or Governor and what he did to improve the education system. He needs to put that information out there so people can see him as a viable credible candidate and with our education system being fragmented, I do believe that this issue a great way for him to separate himself from the other candidates, neither has mentioned anything on educational reform and how other countries are outranking the U.S. in core subject areas, and they do not do as much un-necessary standardized testing.

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