You are the future; you all will be leaders of this great nation; go to school get an education and get a GOOD job. These are all the statements we millennials heard, from home, school or after school programs if you attended any. Thirty years ago, because millennials are in this age group, a generation that is the most diverse and most populated are the ones whose future are screwed. Let me explain.

First, there are NO GOOD jobs, many millennials who have graduated with a degree or two are barely surviving, are working a minimum wage job or two, roommate to cut the cost of living down or are living with parents. Second, for the life of me and my fellow millennials, what is a good job? No longer do employers offer job security our grandparents and parents use to have. The difficulty to landing a decent job is hard because the job market is up and down and millennials refuse to work for low wages. Third, the requirements for jobs should be relaxed, why? Employers want 5 years experience, yet millennials do not have the opportunity to get experience because the generation before us are still in those in positions and after the P.I.C. (Pinhead In Chief) Donald Trump was elected President, we can see there is no need for 5 years of experience.

“According to the Daily Beast, “the silent generation or the conservative generation shares 33% of the nation’s wealth, baby boomers shares 50% of the nation’s wealth and Xers share 14% of the nation’s wealth.” Daily Beast

According to the Daily Beast, “the silent generation or the conservative generation shares 33% of the nation’s wealth, baby boomers shares 50% of the nation’s wealth and Xers share 14% of the nation’s wealth.” Millennials due to the economic turmoil and the fact more wealth are in the hands of the greedy capitalists, millennials do not share any of the nation’s wealth, and if we do it is because some were born into a wealthy family. What concerns millennials is not if we will get any share of the nation’s wealth, maybe not based on current trends and our state of politics. The prospect of upward mobility, if there is any is what worries millennials. Currently, the idea of upward mobility does not seem possible and illustrates a failure on the previous generations who failed to plan and create an economic system fit for these times. Because the system failed to look towards the future my generation is suffering and the prospects of upward mobility seems bleak.

“It is my generation who is suffering because the system failed to look towards the future for my generation and because of this there is little upward mobility for millennials.”

Millennials are the middle child generation because middle children always gets screwed and there is nothing left for them. We are worst off than our parents and grandparents because we cannot afford to support ourselves and the old age ideologies from the silent generation to the baby boomer generation does not relate the needs of the millennials or these times. The same elected officials in Congress are the same ones who have been there for thirty years or more and are part of the previous generations whose ideologies do not reflect what is needed now. Examples, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Grassley, these are the guys who only see for what is now and not the future. Not seeing for the future is a failure of the responsibility of the previous generation a reason why my generation is upset.

“Will millennials get any share of the nation’s wealth?”

Moreover, millennials are motivated to be more politically active because the policies and the direction of where our country is headed is not good. We are in the position where we have to fight because the irresponsibility of the previous generation to look after the future generations has left us with no share of the nation’s wealth and low economic sustainability. In addition, the greed of baby boomers and the silent generation not wanting have their holy grails of Medicare, SSI or have any parts of redistribution of wealth because of these generations have a share of the nation’s wealth, demonstrates the selfishness of these generations, yet they say we millennials are selfish.

“Yet, they say we Millennials are selfish.”




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