Mississippi Passes Anti-Gay Law

Last week I wrote about the state of Mississippi writing Senate Bill 2681-The Religious Freedom Restoration Act which allows businesses and government to discriminate against a person based on their religion and sexual orientation. Unfortunately, as of Thursday Gov. Phil Bryant signed the law and it will become effective July 1st. It should be UNCONSTITUTIONAL for states to be able to write and pass laws because of someone’s religion and sexual orientation. Writing this law illustrates how Mississippi is behind in the times because of passing this law. It also illustrates how they continue to believe that someone differences makes them less than a person. If the U.S. is supposed to be a DEMOCRACY, why is Mississippi and a host of other states passing laws allowing discrimination?? We should be pass the days of discrimination against another person, it is sad that Mississippi is showing that we are not. LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS is what everyone is entitled too according to the constitution, it is not the place of any GOVERNMENT OR PERSON TO TAKE IT AWAY.

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