On Thursday, the world lost a great leader a man who fought courageously for equal rights for all people. Nelson Mandela was a man who was wrongfully imprisoned for 27 years for risking his life fighting freedom and equality, his fight to free his people from apartheid and to bring peace brought is fight into the international spotlight. Madiba, which is his African name from his tribe, was a born leader whose work will forever be remembered and taught to the entire world,and  what each nation can take way from Nelson Mandela is that no matter what wrong doing is done to you, LOVE those person(s), it is the most important teaching that any international leader can give. TODAY, AND FOREVER WE ALL MUST PAY OUR RESPECT TO ONE OF THE MOST RESPECTED BLACK LEADERS OF OUR TIME. NELSON MANDELA WAS A COURAGEOUS HERO WHO FOUGHT FOR FREEDOM AND EQUALITY, WHICH WE ARE CONTINUING TO FIGHT FOR.

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