“We must stop Iran’s march on terror”; this was part of Netanyahu speech to the GOP Congress, whom was used as a political prop as in 2002 when Netanyahu warned against Iraq where we went into a senseless war and no weapons of mass destruction were found. The GOP are really dumb for this, if they cannot see or just do not care to see is that Netanyahu does not want the balance of power to change, which Israel has control in the middle east. We know that everything about this was all political, and the only person(s) to gain from this is Netanyahu with elections in 2 weeks, he will win or lose based on this speech and President Obama will win, as one Representative stated, the GOP reasons for doing this is they do not like the President and this is was an act to defy and against protocols. Let’s not forget that Israel has nuclear weapons, whereas the Iran is attempting to develop nuclear weapons?? Nevertheless, in the Game of Politics there are winners and losers, and the losers are the GOP.

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