Nicki Minaj ONLY Video Illustrating Nazism

Nicki Minaj has proved that she is IGNORANT. The Anaconda video was horrible, but to make another video illustrating Nazism is just ignorant and disrespectful. Watching the View, I agree with what Whoopi, Naya Rivera and Nicole Wallace stated. Even though Nicki Minaj went to a reputable school, it is the EDUCATION SYSTEM that neglects to teach students about HISTORY and the reasons why it is pertinent to participate in your CIVIC DUTY, i.e. VOTING. It is hard to believe that she did not know anything about Nazism and if there are people who do not know about this horrific time in history, then it’s accurate to say that the EDUCATION SYSTEM has failed and is failing students. Furthermore, as Nicole Wallace stated, why is she a person of influence?? If this generation needs influence, look at people who are doing positive things to make a difference in this world, these are the people that should be looked up to.

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